Finally, a game leader’s “dream” book that is thorough and yet succinctly written that combines group games that actually have been played and that participants immensely enjoy.

Here in one book are all of the elements for effectively leading and participating in group games that are fun, require little or moderate equipment, that range from high to low energy and that can be played with players from all ages.

The unique and consistent game template with a game on each page is easy to follow and results with leaders and players getting the most out of the activities.

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Table of Contents 2
Why This Book3
A Parable 3
Read This First5
Preface 5
Organization of the Book 6
GAME INFORMATION: How to Find the Game You Are Looking For 7
King Frog: 100 of the Very Best 100 Best Group Games Ever Played 11
Game Matrix - An Explanation 113
Key Terminology - Definition and Explanations 114
Play Statements and Quotes 116
Game Teaching - The Effective Techniques 117
IT Power 118
General Guidelines for Processing and Discussing the Activity with the Group120
Methods to Pick Teams or Partners 121
Learning and Leading Structure 123
Effective Cooperation (Group) Instruction 124
Tournaments and Motivational Structure 125
Creative Game and Play Matrix 130
Creative Game and Play Matrix - An Explanation 130
Disclaimer 131
Appendices 132
Resource Books and Guides 154
Dedication and Acknowledgements 156
About the Author 157